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اردو میں جاسوسی فکشن کی سو سالہ تاریخ: مختصر جائزہ

  • Shabnam Aman/
  • Dr. Sumera Bashir/
  • January 11, 2021
The Century of Urdu Detective Fiction: A Bird Eye View
Detective fiction, Neeli Chhatri, Do Hareef Suragh-Risan, Yadgar-e-Sharlock Homes, Parkala-e-Aafat, Shaheen Chor, Jasoosi Duniya, Diler Mujrim, Imran Series.

From epics/legends to Sharar, Hadi & Ruswa Urdu fiction is rich with detective elements. Neeli Chhatri (1916) of Zafar Imran is placed first in this regard but the traces of detectivev fiction is also found much earlier, e.g in 1892. Munshi Mehboob Alam translated Dike Orber's novel, titled as Do Hareef Suragh-Risan in 1894. Mr. Abdul Ghani translated Arthur Canin Dyle's Yadgar-e-Sharlock Homes as Parkala-e-Aafat in 1903. The first original composition, in this respect, was Khan Ahmed Hussain's Shaheen Chor in 1897. In 1952, Ibn-e-Safi composed the first novel Diler Mujrim in Jasoosi Duniya, Nik'hat Allahabad. It was inspired by Vitor Gun's Iron side's loon. But Imran Series and Jasoosi Duniya brought a revolution in Urdu detective fiction. Countless fiction-writers attempted to compose Imran Series but did not match the standard. But still there are some worh-reading names like Ikram Allahabadi, Teerath Ram, Masood Javed, H. Iqbal and Mazhar Kaleem etc. In this short article, the hundred-year journey of espionage fiction is reviewed with historical continuity, from stylist to copyist to historical traces.




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Type: Article
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Pages 53 - 78
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Published January 11, 2021


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