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Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu Pakistan
ISSN (print): 2519-6332
ISSN (online): 2708-1915

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism appears in various forms such as copying the same content from the other source; most commonly from internet. One’s own copyrighted work without mentioning the original source is called self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism is also not allowed.

Plagiarism Check:

We checks plagiarism with the TURNITIN, software recommended by HEC. If plagiarism (in any form) proves, at any stage of process, we will inform the author. However, HEC Pakistan has already set the acceptable limit of similarity index produced by the TURNITIN i.e. 19%.

If the similarity with different sources is more than 19% but less than 25%, we prefer to send back the article to the author and ask him to resubmit the article after fixing that problem. But, if more than 25% of the paper is plagiarized, the article may be rejected and the same is notified to the author.

Plagiarism detected after publishing:

Sometimes, TURNITIN appears not very much efficient regarding the detection of plagiarism from the article written in Urdu. In that case, if the plagiarism is detected manually and reported with proof after publishing, we will conduct an investigation. In case if plagiarism is found, the paper may be formally retracted. Editor will write to the author’s institute and funding agencies about that and the paper containing the plagiarism will be marked "Plagiarism Detected after Publishing" on each page of the PDF Copy for a period of two months. Moreover, after two months, that paper will be removed from the website and author(s) will be banned for next six (6) issues of URDU.

Plagiarism Undertaking:

Authors must declare that their work is original at the time of submission. For this, an undertaking form has been given in the download option, stating that author has not plagiarized any material and if found guilty he shall be solely responsible and administration of URDU reserve the right to take action against him. Author(s) are required to submit that form duly signed and stamped at the time of manuscript submission. In case if a paper has multiple authors, first/ principal author would be bound to take the responsibility of the plagiarism and only he would be required to submit the said undertaking.