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مولانا روم ؒ اور اقبالؒ کا تصور ِ زماں

  • Afsheen Shaukat/
  • Dr. Sadaf Naqvi/
  • June 30, 2021
Maulana Rum and Iqbal's Concept of Time
Serial Time, Time and Space, Intuitive perceptions, Nothingness Pure Time, Real Time, Eons.

This article tends to explore the variety of thoughts of Allama Iqbal and Rumi on the concept of Time. A many philosophical implications have been made by Allama iqbal and Maulana Rum on the concept of Time, yet Allama has a more scientific and empirical approach towards nature of time within and outside the space. Rumi has juxtaposed his theocratic approach towards time which is conveyed under the metaphorical representation of Ishq/love based on pure intuitive perspective. According to Rumi Time is the ultimate consequence of an absolute cause known as Ishq, a driving spiritual force of the Universe and all cosmological objects, while Iqbal's vision encapsulates marvellous tradition of novel objectivity on the character, nature and reality of Time. He has objected on the Serial Time concept of Einstien's Time Dilation Theory as to be fourth dimension of space, non workable, because it renders the future to be predetermined. If it's allowed to be so, there would be no Time in real . To Iqbal , life is within the time span and also the momentum is within the ambet of time. Thus, time is not something predetermined, yet it comes into existence on encountering with the life and space.There are some commanlities between Iqbala and Rumi on this subject matter and their concepts comprise over a wonderful array of  objectivity.



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